I think that we all know that on the net one can pretend to be whoever he wants, but lets give the author of the above email credit for being who he claims to be.  So now Johnny wants to go on with his life and cook eggs benedict for the rich?  He can't understand why people just won't forget him.  John Sweeney/Maura is a hard man to forget, but I'm not absolutely sure why myself.  It could be because of the hard work he put in at an early age to become a very accomplished chef.  Maybe it's because he's the story of a poor boy going into the world and making good for himself, which is the embodiment of the American dream.  Could it be because he robbed the world of a beautiful and talented actress?  I think it's probably because most people wonder what kind of man could strangle a defenseless woman into a brain dead coma.  John you're not going to be forgotten.  Being born in the last quarter of the 1960's makes me a Generation Xer.  Dominique Dunne, for a few Generation Xers that I know, was my generation's Marilyn Monroe; and John you took her away from us.

John says for those of us who are without sin to judge him.  I'm very far from being the person that God all wants us to be but I'm still glad that on Judgement Day that I won't have to answer for what John Sweeney did.

John said that I have no right to use his name on my website, but I talked to someone at my ISP and the man at myISP said that with so many darker websites on the internet that legally flourish that he could find very little fault with my webpage.  God bless Freedom Of Speech.  It seems that John Maura's name will be on my webpage for awhile to come.


John if you find my website offensive then there is another website, regarding Dominique Dunne's death, that you should visit.  The author of that website also uses your name but, because of the author's raw language, I'm not going to link to that site here.  It is a website regarding celebrity deaths.  I will say that much and - NO - I'm not being rude or sarcastic in any way.

The views expressed on this webpage are just my personal opinions and are not meant - and were never meant - to slander John Maura or John Sweeney or to defame the character of John Maura or John Sweeney.

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